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Savings and Investments

Shinners Financial Services Ltd. provides our clients with the very best savings and investment advice.
Our aim is to allow our clients to accumulate wealth by making sure their savings are working for them. From saving packages with superior interest, to low-risk investment opportunities, our professional financial brokers help grow a client’s financial portfolio.
We have a proven track record of assisting both seasoned and novice investors. Our professional brokers can help identify potentially lucrative investment opportunities.


Our in-depth understanding of the Irish financial market puts us in an ideal position to advice clients on the best way to save.
We help clients put money away for their child’s education, that dream holiday or simply for a rainy day.
No matter your saving goal, Shinners Financial Services Ltd. will help you achieve it.


Is your money working hard enough for you? Our team of financial brokers can make recommendations on a range of investment opportunities to assist our clients in accumulating wealth. From investing in property to investing in stocks and bonds the investment avenues available to clients may seem overwhelming. 
That’s why our brokers cut through the confusing financial and legal talk and offer straight forward investment advice explained in simple English.

To discuss investment opportunities with our highly experienced investment brokers, get in contact with Shinners Financial Services Ltd. today.

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Risk Questionnaire

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