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Inheritance Tax

Shinners Financial Services Ltd. offers clients expert advice on the tax and legal obligations of recipients of inheritance tax.
Inheritance tax, if not properly managed, can sometimes result in families falling into financial difficulties following a bereavement.
Shinners Financial Services Ltd. can recommend a range of products to assist clients in meeting their inheritance tax obligations.
We can advise clients on inheritance tax protection products. 

Inheritance tax protection is designed to provide a lump sum that meets the client's inheritance tax liability. Our brokers can recommend the appropriate inheritance tax protection package for the individual needs of our clients.

How Inheritance Tax is Calculated

Inheritance tax is calculated based on the total value of the deceased person’s estate.
In real terms, this means that everything in the deceased person’s estate is taken into account when calculating inheritance tax.
Assets often taken into account when calculating inheritance tax include the family home, bank deposits, and any company shares.
With this in mind, the tax liability of inheritance tax can be substantial. It’s imperative that inheritance tax protection should be factored into the overall estate inheritance tax strategy.