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Lifestyle Protection

Shinners Financial Services Ltd. can advise and present clients with a wealth of financial protection plans that can be customised to the specifics of the client’s lifestyle and financial situation. There are no guarantees in life, as such, it is important that individuals protect their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their families. This protection can include mortgage protection, income protection, personal injury cover, business protection or in all likelihood, a combination of various different protection packages. 

Our professional and highly experienced brokers can come to your home and go through the right protection packages for your individual needs, the needs of your family. Our straight-forward approach to lifestyle protection advice cuts through the legal speak and explains in easy to understand terms the right protection for the client’s lifestyle and income.

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Lifestyle Protection Options

Mortgage Protection

The purchasing of a home or a business property is one of the single biggest financial transactions an individual will ever make. As such it is important to protect and secure this assist. Mortgage protection is designed to cover the outstanding balance on a mortgage in the event that the property owner becomes seriously ill or prematurely dies. Most banks and financial institutes require clients to have a mortgage protection policy in place before granting the mortgage.

Critical illness

Critical illness cover means that an individual will be granted with a lump sum of money in the event that they are diagnosed with a specific illness or a disability consistent with their cover package.

Income Protection

In the event of lost earnings, a robust income protection policy can subsidies an individual's earned income until the plan ends or until they return to work.

Live Cover

We work with some of Ireland most prestigious financial institutions and help our clients get the very best life cover protection. Life cover ensures that in the event of an individual’s untimely passing, the individual’s family will receive a lump sum.

Personal Injury Protection

We can advise clients on the right personal injury protection for the individual needs and specific lifestyle of the client.
Personal injury protection pays a lump sum in the event of the policyholder being seriously injured in an accident.

Business Protection

Business protection gives business owners the peace of mind of knowing that their business is protected in the event of illness or sudden death.
Business protection can make available funds to buy a deceased partners share of the business, provide for the family of the deceased. Or make sure that a surviving business partner retains control of the business.