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Lifestyle Protection – Pensions – Savings and Investments – Inheritance Tax

Shinners Financial Services Ltd. provides clients all over Tipperary, Clare and Limerick with the very best in financial services brokerage and financial advice. Our customer-focused, flexible service allows our brokers to travel to the client. We can offer you the very best in financial advice and lifestyle protection advice from the comfort of your own home. We specialise in:

  • Life protection

  • Mortgage protection

  • Income protection

  • Critical Illness protection

  • Personal accident protection

  • Business protection

  • Employee protection

  • Pensions

  • Retirement pensions

  • Executive pensions

  • Savings advice

  • Investment advice

Lifestyle Protection

lifestyle protection

We can advise and get quotes on a range of lifestyle protection packages. We specialise in receiving life insurance quotes, mortgage protection quotes, income protection quotes & personal accident quotes.

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Shinners Financial Services Ltd. provides clients with the best in professional pension advice. We make sure our client’s money is working for them. From advice on retirement bonds, personal pensions and executive pensions, we match the right pension plan to the unique needs of the client.

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Savings and Investments

Savings and Investments

Are you saving for that home extension? That dream holiday or your children's education? Or maybe you just want a little something put away for a rainy day? Shinners Financial Services Ltd. can advise on the right saving plan for you and your family.

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax

Individuals who receive a lump sum in inheritance are obligated to pay inheritance tax on the received amount and the total value of the deceased estate. Shinners Financial Services Ltd. makes sure that clients pay the legally obligated amount.

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